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The Benefits Of Online Coaching

Personal Online Coaching is available no matter where you or the trainer are located, while saving money on travel expenses and often expensive personal trainers you can exercise when and where you want, no need to change your routine to make timed exercise appointments.
Where self-motivation fails, Online Coaching can provide enough support to stick to the plan as well as allowing privacy for those who are intimidated by "public" personal training, such as people who don't feel comfortable with their bodies.
No need to workout at a specific place designated by the trainer, take control over your workouts at home, at the gym, at work or on the road.
Sit in the comfort of your own home and receive top quality coaching and advice.
Have your training questions and problems answered with educated responses, promptly and confidentially.



Through the years Scott has really helped me to develop my confidence and learn a lot about fitness, nutrition and health in general and how this works for me. He uses different techniques and caters each session for you. Some days are really tough, but you always end up feeling better after every session especially when you see the amazing results! The programs he offers include nutrition plans, structured sessions which alternate for different parts of your body, or full body workouts as well as regular check-ins.

Scott specifically helped me to train for several competitions I had comping you during the year. After spending time watching videos to ascertain what was required, we trained for explosive power this really improved my performance for dance always peaking for competitions. Using training techniques such as Plyometrics exercises to be able to improve strength and height on jumps and falls. This improved my strength endurance, agility and flexibility.

I would always highly recommend Scott for any level, whether you are totally new to fitness or you are training towards a specific event or competition!

Jenny Kyurkchieva

30yrs (Chesterfield) Company Director of Love Flash LTD

I’ve always trained & done classes but consistently stayed the same. Training with Scott 2-3 times per week finally got me the body that I felt 100% confident in.... then I had a baby so now the process starts again!  I find Scott’s professionalism, knowledge & training structure gets me results really quickly, I can’t wait to see my next transformation! Thanks Scott!

Natalie Spence

I started training with Scott just over a year ago when I moved into the area. We clicked straight away and after a very detailed assessment he set about writing a training plan to help make me a stronger runner for my Ultras events.

I’ve achieved things I never thought possible, I now have more power and strength not only in my legs but my whole body, I’ve lost 7cm on my chest and 8cm on my waist (which was more important to me than losing weight).

The sessions are varied, working on strength, power and my favorite plyometrics, where I can officially say I now jump more than 3cm 😂😂(1 metre now I think which is good for me). I eat quite healthily but Scott has managed to tweak my eating habits to benefit my training more.

Throughout my training, I’ve also qualified as a Personal Trainer and Scott’s experience and knowledge has been second to none in helping me out on areas I’ve found more difficult. (Although lifting heavy weights whilst being tested on my anatomy knowledge was quite challenging!)

Kathryn Langdon

I have trained for years on and off I got really strong and could bench press 140kg. This is all good and well until you look in the mirror. I weighed in at 18 stone the heaviest I have ever been. I couldn't see any muscle just fat. I knew Scott from college so decided to reach out. Scott arranged a meeting at the gym so he could see what state I was in. The whole process was very easy and within a week I had a new training plan / nutrition plan. I also trained with Scott 3 times a week. I've lost 42LBS to date. I can't thank Scott enough.

Josh Candy

I’m an endurance cyclist and have been for many years. I recognize the important part of great hydration and nutrition, and strength training and flexibility each play in my success.

Scott was recommended to me, to complement the work of my cycle coach while I was living and working away from home for a year.

Following thorough assessment, Scott developed, delivered and continuously reviewed/adapted my real-world hydration and nutrition, and strength training and flexibility programs. They were totally specific and tailored to my overarching training goals that year.

Each session and each week’s programming were appropriately challenging and progressive, but always underpinned with clear direction and correction for great technique. I felt confident and highly motivated and never once experienced strain or injury.

His programming dovetailed perfectly with my cycle training, and undoubtedly brought about the elevated and sustained power output I sought.

Scott has great insight and understanding: during our time together he continued to study, and would bring developmental elements into my program based on his ever-growing knowledge and skill-base.

He is highly personable and approachable, very supportive, clear and precise.  Scott lives the life he coaches, and has been for me, an outstanding trainer, coach and mentor.

I could not recommend him more highly.

Steve Allinson

After trying for years on yo-yo diets making poor food choices I needed guidance on what it meant to eat healthy. Scott taught me how to make the right choices at the right times, I learned for once in my life how to incorporate fresh and healthy foods in my life , learning to love to cook whilst keeping the

weight off. I love his approach to building my strength whilst concentrating on reducing the inches. Would recommend Scott’s training methods and programming to anyone

Janine Mccabe

I was underweight and had really bad posture due to working in an office. I also lacked confidence due to being very skinny. I had never been to a gym before in my life but I had always wanted to gain weight and muscle but I didn’t know where to start with nutrition or weight training.

Joining the gym was the best thing I did because that’s where I met Scott who is a very professional, approachable and friendly personal trainer who is easy to get along with. I find every session is educational and enjoyable.

The programs that Scott designs are challenging but very rewarding as they continue to shock my body and always keep the body guessing, structuring each and every workout throughout the training phases to target and build every muscle group. Prioritizing the muscle groups more frequently from phase to phase. 

I look forward to every session with Scott as they’re very professional, fun and rewarding and every session is different so you don’t feel like you’re doing the same workout every time, as the progressive overload workouts are structured into phases.

Scott being my PT was the best thing I have chosen to do as he’s helped me achieve a lot by gaining weight and muscle, helping with my nutrition and correcting my posture.

Which in turn as made me feel more confident, focused and energized.

Lee Walton

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