1-1 Personal Training Packages

1-1 Personal Training Packages

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Body Transformation Coach

Pt packages based on a four-week basis minimum 3-6 months

Limited time post lockdown offers

£135 1 session PW 10% off £121.50

£240 2 sessions PW 15% off £204

£320 3 sessions PW 17% off £265

£400 4 sessions PW 20% off £320

This will not only involve your TRAINING but also your DIET, your LIFESTYLE & your MINDSET

Your exclusive service includes:

  • Initial Assessment - This assessment will include in-depth goal planning, lifestyle questionnaire, movement analysis check sheet, and posture analysis to assess your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • One to one personal training 
  • Individualized training plans to follow outside of your one-to-one coaching 
  • Individualised Training Plans (Including exercises, reps, sets, tempo, and coaching ques) to follow outside of your one-to-one coaching 
  • Cardio Plan (including exercises, frequency & duration)
  • Nutritional Programming based on individual calorie & macronutrient goals.
  • Weekly check-ins to help monitor your progression 
  • Strength and conditioning 
  • Sports therapy 
  • Injury prevention including warm-up and cool-down protocols- mobility drills and stretching exercises to help improve your range of movement and to help rectify any muscle imbalances  
  • Posture correction will be implemented into your training plans based on your posture analysis and movement assessments 
  • Confidence building 
  • Measurements to keep adherence and monitor progression 
  • Progression photos
  • Daily/weekly targets to help you achieve your desired goal
  • Supplement recommendation and guide 
  • Mobility exercises and stretches to follow to help rectify any muscular imbalances and improve your range of movement 
  • Time management and organization targets to help with adherence 
  • 100% support and commitment from myself to ensure you are on your way to reaching your goals and optimal health.